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23 February 2018

2degrees incorrectly tells users to ditch phones

2degrees is shutting down its old 2G network and some customers have been told to upgrade their phones unnecessarily.

Some 2degrees users have been told to upgrade their phones unnecessarily.

The telco is shutting down its old 2G network. The deadline for this is March 15.

As part of the shutdown process, 2degrees users have been sent a text message stating: “Don’t get left behind! You may need to upgrade your phone before we shut down our 2G network on 15 Mar as your coverage may be impacted. Visit

The link takes you to a 2degrees site where you can check your phone’s IMEI number to see if it will keep working or you need to upgrade. The IMEI number is a unique identifier for your phone, which you’ll find either printed on the phone or in the settings under “About”.

However, some users discovered the site gave them an incorrect result. They were told their phones were incompatible, when they weren’t. 2G-only phones are incredibly rare these days so, unless your phone is very old, getting a negative result is equally rare. If you get a similar result, check your phone’s specs online.

In response to our inquiry, 2degrees said: “The online checking tool is advisory only and we do suggest anyone who gets a message saying their phone won't work check with the call centre or in-store to be doubly sure.”

Do you need to upgrade your phone?

  • When your mobile device is turned on, check the top of your screen (next to your phone’s signal bar indicator). If you only ever see 2G, Edge, E, or GPRS, then it’s likely you have a 2G device.
  • If you see 3G, H+, 4G or LTE on the top of your screen, then you have 3G or 4G compatible device and will be fine.

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