3 common laundry problems and their solutions

Our advice for dealing with common washing issues.

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Anika G.
10 Jul 2022
Common Laundry Problem #4 & 5

Missed out two major issues
#4 - The missing sock saga
#5 - Bird poop on the white laundry items after it's been on the washing line outside...
How do they always manage to poop on the white sheets??

Jo C.
11 Jul 2022
Problem #4 & #5

Yes!! 😂

Judith C.
09 Jul 2022
Washing detergent

One of the best advice I was given when I bought my Miele front loader was to the half the amount of detergent suggested by the detergent manufacturers guidelines. I always use the “water plus “ option. No issues at all with soap residue. We don’t mind the scratchy towels.

Nigel T.
09 Jul 2022
Soft towels

I wash my towels on the 2nd hottest wash in a front loader, dry them on a clothes horse and always finish them off with a 30 minute dryer cycle. They fluff up beautifully.

Philippa H.
09 Jul 2022
Wind is good

Wellington winds fluff up our towels beautifully!

Elizabeth R.
09 Jul 2022
White deposits

I separate my darks etc & use a liquid detergent (top loader). I still get deposits. I try to do an occasional hot wash with sheets & towels to clean the machine but it doesn't seem to help.
PS I Like rough towels!☺️

Tiri N.
11 Jul 2022
after wash deposits

I also get what looks like dirt streaks occassionally. It is very frustrating as I then have to manually spot clean. I put a dollop of baking soda in and do an empty wash cycle but very annoying. I have a top loading Whirlpool...any suggestions

Maurice V.
09 Jul 2022
Scratchy towels?

Use them on your skin, rather than pay for exfoliation.

Kas S.
09 Jul 2022

By the time you've used the towel, it's will become soft anyway and I have a front loader washing machine. No problems with scratchy towels in mine.