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3 ways to save on airport parking
4 April 2017

3 ways to save on airport parking

Here are our tips for paying less to park at the airport.

The cost of leaving your car at the airport while you’re away can add big bucks to your trip. Rates for an hour’s parking at Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are more than double what you pay to park in the city centres. Auckland Airport collected $52 million from airport parking fees last year. We can’t tell you how much Wellington and Christchurch earned from parking because they don’t disclose this information.

Here are our tips for paying less to park at the airport:

  1. Book in advance
    If your trip isn’t last minute, you can save by booking your parking online. All the airports’ websites advertised discounts. For example, you could save 25% on Wellington Airport’s standard rates and 10% on Auckland Airport’s park and ride option.

  2. Compare the options
    Alternatives to airport-operated parking facilities are available in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. For example, choosing Wellington’s Park N Depart facility, which is a free shuttle-ride from the terminal, for a two-day stay will cost $40, compared to $55 at the airport’s park-and-ride area.

  3. Park and ride
    You’ll pay a premium for parking close to the terminal. Park and ride lots are a better bet if you’re leaving your car for any length of time. At Auckland Airport’s park and ride lot, domestic travellers pay $45 for three days. It’s the same price in Christchurch. Wellington travellers pay $65.

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Are we being fairly charged?

We've compared parking prices at our three biggest airports to rates charged for central city parking and at other airports all over New Zealand.

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