December 2021

5 tips for choosing a Christmas ham

With 9 in 10 hams for sale at the moment coming from overseas, how do you find a real Kiwi one? And what else should you look for?

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John B.
14 Dec 2021
Christchurch NZ Ham

Try Hibbards Butchery on Stanmore Rd. Best tasting Kiwi ham I have had in years!

Joyce Cooper
12 Dec 2021
If you want to buy NZ ham

I bought a ham from Gourmet Direct (Napier) - maybe a bit more expensive, but absolutely delicious!!

Gail B.
11 Dec 2021
Free range

If you only buy free range such as Freedom farms you know you are getting a NZ ethically raised ham

Vere G.
20 Dec 2021
Freedom farms don’t have NZ made sticker

I bought a small freedom Farm ham from Moore Wilson’s and there was no sticker on it. The only way I could tell it was NZ Made was the label says, in very small print, 88% NZ. Presumably, the othe other 12% is water!
Peter M

John S.
11 Dec 2021
Food safety

It is a real shame no one has mentioned additives such as nitrates (used to preserve the ham). Would be great to see nitrate free ham and bacon more freely available in NZ.

Peter J.
20 Dec 2021
Try Henderson's Bacon

99% Pork, and the rest is Sea salt & brown sugar.
Best you can get. It's the only one I'll buy.
Made in Auckland