8 March 2022

5 ways to reduce your fuel bill

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Mark H.
15 Mar 2022
Other things that affect fuel consumption

Adding to those things already mentioned you can save fuel by:
* driving in off-peak periods when there are fewer cars on the road primarily because you are less likely to have to vary speed or stop.
* driving in suitable weather conditions: rain, ice and snow generally require more energy to drive through; wind can save petrol if it is behind you.

Geoffrey L.
14 Mar 2022
Ride a Moped or motor scooter

Yesterday when I was filling my scooter with fuel a man filling his car said 'last week it cost me $90:00 to fill now it costs $110:00'. I replied 'I know the feeling ...last week it cost me $7:00 to fill now it costs me $8:00 ' Bottom line my scooter will travel 300km for 8 bucks.... and guess what... in the city traffic jams do not stop me getting to the front of the queue every time.... Also pollution is much less from my 110cc scooter...

Barry C.
14 Mar 2022
There are other things that may reduce fuel use'

Modern vehicles have some or all of these features that do or could reduce fuel consumption, plus some other ideas.
*ECO settings, use them because they will reduce consumption. Don't use sport settings
*Cruise Control, this controls the speed the car travels thus regulates speed within a small range. It avoids speeding thru inattention. This should give better fuel consumption. Radar or Adaptive Cruise Control should even be better. When you slow down you should use the cruise control to regain the cruise controls set speed, it accelerates more slowly and smoothly than a normal driver does. (These are my observations that should be tested by an organization that has the facilities).
*Park in the first available park at malls, shopping centers and on the road.
*When possible park with the car facing forward to go out, saves fuel and reduces
dings, but don't back in.
*If your car has a facility to automatically stop the motor while stopped at lights, intersections etc., use it.
*Use the smaller vehicle when size doesn't matter in two car families.

Andrew G.
12 Mar 2022
Can't afford a suitable electric car

I travel out of town a few days a week so a cheap Nissan leaf isn't suitable.
any electric car that has decent range is out of the average persons budget. Charging a car where I work isn't possible.
I also need to tow a 2 tonne car trailer so Diesel is the only option for me. Diesel prices keep getting inflated more than petrol and the gap between 91 petrol and diesel is closing, why are we standing for been ripped off? My budget for other items will definitely suffer, No takeaways or eating out, cutting back at supermarket also. we still need to drive our cars and get around.

roy p.
12 Mar 2022
ECO Tyres

Have changed to energy saver tyres on my Nissan wagon plus thin synthetic gear oil and Led lights no roof bars. Now 16km per Litre of fuel. about 16 percent saved.

Peter I.
14 Mar 2022
Led lights? Illegal.

Retro fitting led bulbs to an existing headlight not designed for one is illegal under NZ regulations.

If you’re talking about tail lights (5 watts) or indicator bulbs the theoretical fuel consumption difference would be immeasurable.

Ian D.
12 Mar 2022
Low cost driving

We purchased an electric car which we charge from solar cells on the garage roof via battery in the garage. It was expensive to set up but is very cheap to run. Over 90% of our driving uses electricity we generate.

Peter I.
14 Mar 2022
Low cost driving?

Low cost? Really? Pray tell, what was the total system setup and vehicle cost? How many kms per week enables 90%?

Trevor H.
12 Mar 2022
I went electric years ago

When we got a replacement for our 1993 car three years ago, we bought a Nissan Leaf. We did that for several reasons: to be environmentally responsible, and having committed to that, to take advantage of being an early adopter via some of the breaks offered - no road user tax, many free charging stations. reliability and low maintenance costs. In the tree years I estimate we saved around $9,000 by doing so.
When the the government offered an incentive to get more EV's into the market via rebates, I sold the Leaf and got an MG EV, allowing me to have the benefits of a new car for years to come. I am hugely relieved to have done this, considering the rising prices of fuel and the likelihood that they will continue to escalate.

12 Mar 2022


Peter I.
14 Mar 2022
Tax avoidance not sustainable.

RUC are a very real need. Avoiding paying a share while being an active user is neither sustainable nor a virtue to be shouted about.