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30 September 2011

Debt collectors

We explain your rights and obligations under the law.

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Paul U.
10 Apr 2020
Bravo Disputes Tribunal

The experienced Disputes Tribunal adjudicator at the Hastings court house identified the real issues and she quickly saw through attempted obfuscation. The system works.

cindy d.
18 Mar 2021
baycorp made mistake at my credit check

when I applied home loan last year! financial broker told me I have debt owe baycorp $385.8 whole collection fee is $12720

accutally is 2019 july 26 bay corp tried to contact with me about my debt to other company $12720 !according to txt . i paid $15803 on 8th Aug 2019 to baycorp accounr!I thought i had pay in full about this debt! I
Didn’t know I still owe bay Corp $385 ! Later I had another txt message shown I still owe $385 so I paid imedently on 8 oct 2019 !

The problem is bay Corp didn’t update my payment $385 In my credit check system
It finally Influence my whole home loan application. And made a big loss of my investment chance last year !

I request them to remove my credit check record ‘ it definitely ruined my business cause my bank didn’t give me loan last year

Can help me at this stage ‘ I
Am struggle about this issue for my months I can’t sleep well about it. ! Anybody can help me