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20 July 2020

Air NZ customers get online option for using credits

Online tool for redeeming flight credits finally lands.

Air New Zealand customers who booked direct with the airline are finally able to redeem credits online for flights cancelled due to Covid-19.

The airline launched its online credit redemption tool today. Customers with single bookings can now bypass the airline’s call centre and redeem credits on the airline’s website.

However, those with multiple flights or group bookings still need to contact Air New Zealand’s call centre.

Passengers who booked through a travel agent have to contact the agent to redeem credits. The airline said it was working on an online option for these customers.

In the past few months, the airline has come under fire from passengers who faced lengthy delays when they tried calling Air New Zealand’s contact centre. Unable to get in touch with the airline to redeem their credits, some resorted to paying for new flights.

Air New Zealand said it’s emailing customers to let them know they can redeem credits online.

It has also extended the time for credits to be used. Customers have until 31 December 2021 to book and a further 12 months after booking to travel.

International credits can be used to book domestic travel. If the full value of the credit isn’t used in one booking, the balance is available to book subsequent flights until the 31 December 2021 cut-off.

Thousands of Air New Zealand passengers have been left with credits because our laws don’t require airlines to provide refunds when flights are cancelled for reasons outside their control. We’ve pushing for the law to be changed: if the flight you paid for is cancelled, you should be able to get your money back.

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