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8 December 2014

Airline pricing

It might be time to become an anonymous shopper on airline websites.

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Jacqueline K.
27 Jul 2020
Flight Centre blocks flights so that you can't get proof of the price you've found

I found a flight online using Google Flights (an excellent website that updates with real-time availability), and then rather than calling the airline to book it (5 minutes after finding it) decided to do this through Flight Centre. They asked me for proof of the price, and when I refreshed my browser discovered that the fare was now several hundred dollars more expensive. So during my initial contact with them they had made made a tentative booking, which resulted in the current price increasing when I reloaded it via Google Flights. Since the flight availability was very limited, I was forced to book through them at the higher price. I won't ever be booking through Flight Centre (or indeed any other travel agent) again

25 Jul 2016
Hunt for price

My sister put me onto a website called Skyscanner. Can get international flights significantly cheaper. Theres also another one called Kayak but I have found Skyscanner the easiest tonuse and with the best prices

27 Sep 2016
Best price

I used for flights recently and save a significant amount! Definitely worth a look!

Neil C.
20 Jul 2019
I use Skyscanner also

I found it really good, especially if you have flexibility with dates travelling as you can view over an entire month and it's colour coded to make the cheapest fares on a particular day stand out.

Hamish W.
02 Mar 2015
Shop around!

I compare prices using Expedia, Webjet etc. Sometimes it's a whole lot cheaper to book Air NZ through other channels.

Marita B.
13 Sep 2015

I've found very useful for looking through a lot of these fare sourcing company at the same time, and for listing the options by things like departure or arrival time, price, number of stops etc. They show a range of prices excluding fees so you can make an informed decision. The only hiccup I found is that for some flights the price they charge excludes stowed luggage, which for intra-Europe hops can be almost as high as the flight.

I also agree with the article about travel agents. Even with their fees, they sometimes (but not always) can access better deals, and can book stopovers more easily. Certainly worth asking for a quote.