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Research report
6 March 2014

Antibacterial soaps

There’s no good evidence it works any better than regular soap.

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B M P K.
28 Aug 2019
Immunity loss to the next generations?

Antibiotic soap kills bad bacteria and the GOOD bacteria !
The last few generations’ problems with allergies are increasing at a phenomenal rate ! And will be an unbelievable problem!
The baby boomer youngsters were forced to live outside and had to help their parents, or just to play ! ( no computers !)
Nowadays some children do not go outside !
A test was done with those children in the UK . They took a number of those children and forced half to play outside on the grass over a period of time .
Then they measured their allergy levels against the indoor group.
They found that the outdoors group were significantly less susceptible to flus and allergies!
This problem will spiral out of control !
And it is more CRUEL to the children of the current and next generations than no smacking will ever be !
Just ask parents with children with allergies such as asthma problems , how they suffer !
The government should acknowledge this and should bring companies like Dettol to account !

Paul H.
29 May 2019
Is there an update to this story?

Would love to know what's happened since this story was written and why we still have antibacterial products on the shelf in great abundance.

Previous member
25 Jul 2019
What date was this article

Can't see it. I checked the Protex pack and the ingredient in question is not listed.

Consumer staff
26 Jul 2019
Re: Is there an update to this story?

Hi Paul and Gerry,

This article was published in March 2014. We hope to do an update soon.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff