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Woman using home robot cleaning app, with a robot vacuum cleaner in the background.
Research report
15 December 2020

2 robot vacuum cleaners to avoid

These Kogan robot vacuum cleaners are definitely Don’t Buys.

You wouldn’t expect a robot vacuum cleaner to clean carpet as deeply as a regular model, but, at the very least, you’d expect it to make a decent fist of hard floors. Yet not all of them do.

In our latest test, for example, Kogan’s SmarterHome G60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Function KAVACRBG60A scored a dismal 26% overall, with an appalling 33% for hard floors and 9% for carpets. And rather than picking up pet hair, the G60 actually embedded strands in the carpet.

Results that bad raise a red flag, so our advice is to steer clear.

Kogan SmarterHome G60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Function KAVACRBG60A.
Kogan SmarterHome G60 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping Function KAVACRBG60A

What makes things worse, though, is that it’s not the first Kogan robo-vac to bomb in our lab. In our 2018 test, Kogan’s EasyClean R10 Robot Vacuum KACOMROBVCA caused so much trouble we deemed it a “Don’t Buy”. It struggled to make the jump between carpet and hard floors and required a helping (human) hand to get it moving again. It then ran out of juice (after 21 minutes, the shortest runtime of any tested model) and couldn’t return to base to charge.  

In our test lab, we can shrug off that kind of performance, but in your home, you’d have to get out a better vacuum cleaner if you wanted a moderately acceptable result.

When it comes to robo-vacs, it seems that Kogan is still eating its competitors’ dust.

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