29 April 2022

Apartment isolation: What your body corporate should be doing for you

The MoH’s guidelines to minimise the spread of Covid in residential buildings.

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Susan N.
30 Apr 2022
Not realistic for apartment owners with dogs

I live in an apartment block where some residents have dogs. They head outside multiple times a day - whenever their dogs need to do their business. I suspect if they got Covid they would still do this, putting everyone else at risk. Our bodycorp has also been quiet on the matter with no guidelines.

Kym D.
30 Apr 2022
It is time to stop framing and blaming and get caring and sharing.

I am really disappointed with Consumers comment "“Honestly, we have done nothing … but then there is no responsibility. Is it the building manager, is it the apartment owner, is it the body corporate? No one knows and each wants to give the responsibility to the other, as none have a real vested interest in the actual residents who have to live with the problem.” Consumer forgot to include ourselves. Why do we all need to have someone else to blame / take responsibility? The bottom line in life is WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OURSELVES! If we don't like the building we are living in ...move! Can't find somewhere else or humanity needs help - get out there and do it. Join council, build a community etc. Stop passing the buck and get out there and fix it yourself. If everyone left the building the Body Corporate would make changes but while you are prepared to pay, why should they? Remember though if you want first class be prepared to pay first class. The world will improve when people start taking self responsibility and doing. First for ourselves and then for others. It is time to stop framing and blaming and get caring and sharing. It only takes one to change their attitude and start helping rather than blaming and the world will change. Make something and give it to your neighbour. Some bread or muffins, do their washing or make a card "Hope you are doing OK. Hold in their neighbour" Add a joke and pass it under the door. See what happens......