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5 August 2021

Apple cider vinegar: the bitter truth

Does apple cider vinegar deserve its health halo?

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Carla M.
31 Aug 2021
Lack of research

As someone who's worked in clinical research for over 20 years, there's a good reason why there's a lack of research either supporting or debunking the use of ACV. Properly conducted, double-blind, clinical trials with a suitably large number of participants cost a huge amount of money. Who's going to pay for these trials, the vinegar making company - unlikely.

Unfortunately, it's one of those things that science is unlikely to be able to help us with any time soon.

Nicholas G.
10 Sep 2021
Look at this research

http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=cider[All Fields] AND ("acetic acid"[MeSH Terms] OR ("acetic"[All Fields] AND "acid"[All Fields]) OR "acetic acid"[All Fields] OR "vinegar"[All Fields]) AND "humans"[MeSH Terms]&cmd=DetailsSearch

One group that does no research itself but does aggregate research into useful summaries is Nutrition Facts (http://www.nutritionfacts.org) and you could try

Allan B.
10 Aug 2021
Critics should remember

There is a fundamental principle of science that Consumer and commenters would do well to remember before they rush to poo hoo ACV or any remedy: “the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” The consistent message through this Consumer report and all the reviews I found during my own investigations is that more and longer studies are needed before definite conclusions can be arrived at. There is little or no evidence of ACV not working. There is a lack of scientific effort into proving it does. That’s a very different thing.

Dwayne B.
09 Aug 2021
The Luddites are out in force

What's the bet that those who are defending apple cider vinegar are the same who think that COVID is some kind of conspiracy and who won't be getting vaccinated...

Nicholas G.
09 Aug 2021
Evidence Based is better than Anecdotal

I am a user of science based evidence to make my life better and like the meta studies that medical science provides as it provides a better way of looking at a topic than one off studies or anecdotal personal statements. The above study is one of those meta studies and basically says there is no strong evidence supporting most of the claims around Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV). If you want to see what evidence there is to support your side of whether ACV (or any other vinegar) is good/bad for you then look at
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/?term=cider[All Fields] AND ("acetic acid"[MeSH Terms] OR ("acetic"[All Fields] AND "acid"[All Fields]) OR "acetic acid"[All Fields] OR "vinegar"[All Fields]) AND "humans"[MeSH Terms]&cmd=DetailsSearch

One group that does no research itself but does aggregate research into useful summaries is Nutrition Facts (http://www.nutritionfacts.org) and you could try

I used to be a pastry chef and work in restaurants and catering companies. Vinegar is added to most sauces and meals (a small amount) and people love it, so it is done a lot. It really boosts a meal's flavour, just reduce it first (lightly heat it to evaporate the water and reduce the acetic acid level).

Paul M.
09 Aug 2021
Apple Cider Vinegar for kidney stones

I am prone to kidney stones and use a small amount of ACV in water before bed whenever I feel I have them forming. 7-10 days and all good. I swear by it - it works for me - and don't care whether there is any studies to support it or not. Probably any vinegar would do the trick but ACV is a bit more palatable. :)

Rachel B.
09 Aug 2021
Good for lack of acidity?

When you have a digestive upset due to lack of acidity, then it ought to work great! (Eg. Menopausal alkaline stomach uuugh)

Greg D.
09 Aug 2021
Ah . . . beliefs are strong

People who believe in things for which there is no evidence are probably benefitting from the placebo effect. Just like homeopathy.

Murray T.
08 Aug 2021
Good advice

Well done - don't let the naysayers rattle you. I fully support Consumer debunking this sort of thing for readers. The alternative "health" industry is huge in NZ, and very little of what it pushes on people is of any use to them. The industry also has disproportionate political sway, as well as endangering the public health by sowing the seeds of doubt about tried-and-true preventive interventions such as immunisation. Let's have more proper science.

Malcolm L.
08 Aug 2021
Junk Science

When I read the comments on your article, I begin to understand why anti vaxxers have such a hold on people. We have to be aware of confirmation bias where we form an opinion and then dismiss all evidence which challenges our opinion. Would any of these commenters offer a detailed analysis of just what is wrong with your report? I've never used cider vinegar and now never will. My wallet will be healthier for doing so and my health the same as it has always been.

Diane S.
07 Aug 2021
Apple Cider Vinegar

Very poor article on the above. The book "Folk Medicine' by D.C Jarvis M.D. provides a lot of good information and is available for purchase from online booksellers. He lived amongst the people in N.E. U.S.A. who use this as a daily supplement for health and gives good explanations as well as evidence of his own trials, plus the correct amount to take. Four tablespoons a day is too much for most people so is unlikely to give good results.

Greg D.
09 Aug 2021
Sadly, DC Jarvis was not credible

Sadly Jarvis was an (unwitting?) snake oil salesman - possibly well motivated but lacking scientific rigour. His claims have been thoroughly debunked. You might start with this readable article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D._C._Jarvis

Zela C.
07 Aug 2021
Cider vinegar

I am an advocate for apple cider vinegar.
One strong indicator for me is that in Farming Classified adverts there are always large amounts of it for sale, to be added to cattle's water...
Farmers would not be buying it if they did not find it any good !
I also think it helps with Ph balance, and now there is a mix of CVA and Tumeric available in supermarkets....

Carel NZ
09 Aug 2021
Cattle have a totally different digestive system to humans

Cattle are ruminants, and have a totally different digestive system to humans, so that's not a good comparison for human digestion.

Andrew E.
07 Aug 2021
No conclusion

Not sure what the point of this article is, except to say there is very little empirical evidence that apple vinegar achieves the claims. However there is even less evidence that it doesn't - except its use as a home remedy. A pretty one sided article really.

Ken C.
07 Aug 2021
Itchy Scalp

Rubbing apple cider vinegar into the scalp and leaving it there for a few minutes prior to shampooing and conditioning stops itchiness for about a week. I found it works as well as more expensive pharmacy lotions.

07 Aug 2021
Lazy Article

Google the new go-to for consumer these days. I would have expected more.

Linda C.
07 Aug 2021
Lazy or using international expertise???

LOL to this being "lazy" on Consumer NZ part - frankly their limited research $$ are better spent on NZ research and advocacy. Why would they do research on a topic that is already covered (although it seems not very comprehensively!) internationally? I am more than happy for my sub to bring together existing information that is relevant, and concentrate on NZ issues, such as the efficacy of sunscreen, over-pricing of products in supermarkets, etc. etc.

Pip M.
07 Aug 2021
Great for joints

Don't know about apple c v for losing weight, but i have personally witnessed a miracle with my dog. Only 8 years old and she couldnt get up. After my mum reminding me to put her on a few drops in her food every day she was fine and that never happened again even at 13. All my dogs get it
My mum had same miracle with her old horse
..all horses and ponies were on it

Maurice V.
08 Aug 2021

A study of one proves that one result was obtained. Had a dog that was suffering joint pain. Continued with daily exercise and NO a.c.v. and he recovered within a few days.

Doesn't really prove much though.