Photograph of Apple Fitness+ trainers exercising with weights.
June 2021

Apple Fitness+: Fantastic if you own the right stuff

Apple’s fitness classes are outstanding, but hardware cost will be a major hurdle for many.

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Heather Armishaw
26 Jun 2021
Virtual classes

Our gym has virtual classes operating during off-peak times at the gym and has just released the same classes which you can do at home if you can't be bothered going out. During lockdown last year they made them available for home use but now any member can use them any time for free. The classes are called Radical Fitness.
There's also the Fitbit classes - did some of them during lockdown too - normally you have to subscribe to Fitbit Premium but it was free then too. Happy workouts!

Simonne M.
26 Jun 2021
OK if you already have Apple devices

Personally I would want to invest my money in actual fitness equipment. While this might be a good program if you already have Apple devices, there are plenty of fitness streaming services that aren't limited to specific device brands, and free workouts on YouTube.