November 2021

Apple iPhone 13 review

The new iPhone is remarkable. But so was the iPhone 12.

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Janine G.
08 Nov 2021
Does it operate on 3G?

I have found iPhone 12 calls drop out when the 4G network drops to 3G in rural areas. Can the iPhone 13 operate on 3G?

Erina K.
06 Nov 2021
A reply to the comments

Does the "Panel" reply to the comments forwarded in feedback? An example is a comment on getting the facts right.

I don't see a reply thus far.

Anita W.
06 Nov 2021
iPhone 13 Photo storage

There were some photo storage issues when transferring from XS to 13. Screenshot your old iPhone storage and compare with 13 storage. Don’t reset old iPhone to factory settings until you’re certain your photo storage is sorted.

William W.
06 Nov 2021
Wrong facts

It has sensor shift for stabilisation not software, the physical sensor moves thousands of times a second to counter movement like a gimbal. 2 the iPhone 13 is not $2000 start price, you should put the 128gb option on display not the maxed out version. Three there are also photographic styles and improved night mode. Please try to improve your facts.

Nick - Consumer test writer
08 Nov 2021
Re: Wrong facts

Hi William,

Thanks for your feedback.

I didn't say stabilisation was via software, but I see how it could read that way. We find technical details like sensor-shift aren't what people want to read about - the results are more important. We also can't mention every feature, in the interest of keeping reviews light and readable.

Regarding price: we always list the specs of the exact model we trial. We were loaned the 512GB model, so we stated that price. The cost of the 128GB version is quoted in the article.


Dion K.
06 Nov 2021
Planned obsolescence

I’ve been using the iPhone 8 without issue for the last ~4years with the battery usually lasting me a full day. Despite having recently replaced the battery, since upgrading the iOS to the latest I need to charge it by 10am. Shame on you Apple.

William W.
06 Nov 2021
Reason behind that issue

Many people think Apple intentionally slows down or decreases iPhone battery life, the reason for this was a bug all iPhones got. You should upgrade to the latest iOS to get a fix. Software can become hugely power intensive and some iPhones can't operate efficiently without some adjustments to performance, etc. The issue should be fixed in the latest iOS update.

Rory H.
06 Nov 2021
Something’s not right here

I agree with William W. There is nothing sinister going on here. I gave both of my parents an iPhone 8 with a cheap ($49) third party battery installed from an independent repairer and both get at least a full days (light) usage with iOS 15 installed. May be worth digging into Battery Usage and looking for runaway apps that might be causing a fast drain. You can view the battery percentage that each app has used.