Dairy-free cheeses
Research report
2 October 2019

Are dairy-free cheeses as good as the real thing?

Most dairy-free cheeses in our tasting didn’t please.

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Yolanda S.
30 Nov 2019
taste buds do change over time

I like the Angel Food chesses the best. I haven't eaten cheese from cows milk for over 30 years and if ever I accidentally do, am shocked at how disgusting it tastes to me now. Same with butter. It has an awful heavy fatty rancid kind of taste which is not how I remember it but tastes like that to me now because my tatse buds have changed and I am used to cleaner foods now. If you have been eating cheese made from animal fat you are going to find plant cheeses to taste a bit different of course. Give it a try and your taste buds will change and you will wonder how you ever ate cheese from animal fats.

Jean W.
23 Nov 2019
Pretend cheese doesn't do it for me either

I tried some as part of trying to reduce animal product consumption. I am concluding that the fake animal products are pointless, including the non-dairy cheeses and milks. I still buy vegan sausages because they are convenient but oh, the packaging! and they cost more than meat sausages. I just need to get better at cooking lentils.

Nigel P.
27 Oct 2019

It would be interesting to know how many of your panellists had tried alternative food substitutes. Even with milk substitutes its all about what you are used to. Initial taste testing is commonly not great but you can develop a taste for it.
Alternative cheeses are designed for those who can't tolerate regular cheese. I would be interested to see a panellist of non-dairy eaters, tasting these cheeses.

Graeme W.
22 Oct 2019
Don't call them cheese!

The problem with vegan cheeses, as i have tried a few, is that they are called a 'cheese'. If they just called them something else and you didn't expect them to be cheese like you'd not be so damned disappointed! Its the disappointment that's the issue.

Joan P.
13 Oct 2019
Dairy Free Cheese

I don't know why male meat-eating panellists were included. Of course they are going to be negative. The dairy-free cheeses are for those who choose not to eat animal products or those with an allergy to dairy.

Anne G.
12 Oct 2019
Dairy free cheese

I love the Zenzo for its taste and melting factor for pizzas. It's not 'watery' like Angel Food cheddar. I also enjoyed Savour smoked cheddar - I think it was called- at our Vegan Expo last year, but it is expensive.

Jan-Marie K.
09 Oct 2019
Favourite is Angel Food cheddar.

Angel food cheddar is my favourite. I can't eat dairy because of an allergy. I usually eat it in a toasted sandwich or cheese sauce or on pizza (Hell's Pizza uses it in their dairy-free pizzas) but don't mind it sliced on a cracker. The melted texture is similar to cheese although it holds it shape more when heated I find so I cook it a little longer.