4 November 2021

Are you really getting a bargain with big store “specials”?

Big deal! Huge deal! Price reduced! At some big box retailers, the discount signs are so common it feels like there’s a promotion on every other week. But if “sales” are so frequent, are we really bagging a bargain?

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John A.
20 Nov 2021
When a sal is not a sale

Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming often price above RSP then drop it to match or less on a sale.
I have ordered a TV online from Sony at RSP of $1795 with free shipping. The Noel Leeming price was $200 higher on the day. Four days later Noel Leeming has a "now" "hot price" of $1795 which is the RSP plus $89 delivery.
Shoppers should be aware of this pricing behaviour which is unethical and deceptive.

Tukahia C.
10 Nov 2021
Alpine Spa "Sale"

They have "Sales" but the spa pool I have been keeping an eye on for the past 16months have been the same, they reckon it's saving $3000 but this has not changed at all, no savings what so ever.
This should be there normal retail price because they have not taken back up to usual price, always on "Sale"

Brian H.
07 Nov 2021
Super profits not sales

Perhaps a way to look at this is to draw a price line at about the sales figure ($250-260 for the microwave and $40 for the hairdryer) for the "fair value" and to say that from time to time the retailers have a go at taking in super-profits on the assumption most people don't do their homework. I don't believe that, at the "sale" price stores are selling at a loss.

Kerry M.
06 Nov 2021
Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine

I follow this on Pricespy. At Harvey Norman the price on 10/10 was $799. On 17/10 the price increased by $300 to $1099. On 18/10 it was decreased by $350 to $799 and the next day a further $51 to $698.
Similarly for all other retailers of this machine.
Surely this is illegal.
Your comment would be appreciated.

B A S.
06 Nov 2021
With regard to Farmers

they used to have genuine sales on men's clothing, often 50% off. This was easy to follow as the normal retail price was known to the regular customer. For whatever reason genuine savings are now few and far between because of the 'buy two save 30%' or some such. Briscoes prices need to be closely watched or the product line tracked on Google or such.