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13 April 2021

Are artificial sweeteners better than sugar?

Too much sugar isn’t healthy, but are alternative sweeteners any better?

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Alison W.
19 Apr 2021
Adverse effects of aspartame

I appreciate this update on artificial sweeteners. As in the past, the update doesn't mention some of the adverse effects of aspartame. For some people aspartame can produce anaphylactic reactions, and for this reason should not be given to people in hospital unannounced, as has recently happened in an NZ hospital. There is a variety of adverse reactions recorded from aspartame, ranging from light to serious. Research has shown, for example, alarming effects on the brain. Aspartame and MSG in fact, are the most complained about additives in history. No doubt because there is big money involved in artificial sweeteners, especially aspartame, research often gets skewed, with the result that industry-funded studies show no adverse reaction whereas independent studies almost always show an adverse reaction. There is unfortunate evidence that the European committee looking at aspartame was loaded with consultants directly or indirectly tied to the industry. I think the advice given at the end of the article on how to reduce sugar is good.