"Bacon" claim removed from Vitapet treats

"Bacon" claim removed from Vitapet treats

Kathryn Atkinson thought she was bringing home the bacon as a treat for her friend’s Rhodesian ridgeback Zoe.


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Vitapet’s Jerhigh Chicken & Bacon for Dogs boasts of “real chicken & bacon” and is made to look like bacon rashers. But, on closer inspection of the ingredients list, Ms Atkinson noted there was, in fact, no bacon in these treats. Doggone it, that’s what we call misleading.

Ms Atkinson discovered the problem back in 2016 and raised it with Vitapet chief executive Sean Duggan, who promised a swift remedy.

But two years later, nothing had changed. Packets bought in October by Ms Atkinson still carried the real bacon claim despite none of the meat being present.

After Ms Atkinson wrote to us about the bogus bacon, we asked Vitapet why it was dragging the chain. Eager to get itself out of the dog-box, the company amended its website and said its packaging will be changed.

Mr Duggan said he was “embarrassed [the] team had ‘failed to execute’ as fast as I had expected”. We think that translates as, “we’ll round ‘em up and put ‘em in the top paddock” – or we’ll get on to it now.

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