16 November 2021

Bamboozled: Misleading 'bamboo' labels to be pulled

Consumer NZ calls out Bed Bath and Beyond over misleading tags.

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Chris R.
22 Nov 2021
Hemp is not Linen either

I purchased some sheets from 1 Day Deals advertised as Linen.
However after I had washed them it was obvious they were definitely NOT Linen. Checking the fine print label ....there it was, Made from percentage.
I contacted the distributors who made no apology but gave a $50 .00 refund
Not good enough in my view.

Trevor B
21 Nov 2021
Bamboo clothing - is it natural

The process of converting bamboo to clothing fibre is unlikely to be kind to the environment but is probably better than fibres from oil (and probably better than cotton). My late partner spent long hours in bed during her illness and found the "bamboo" pyjamas very comfortable. But, looking on the website where she purchased them, they are promoted as bamboo and natural but their details say "Fabrication: 95% Viscose, 5% Elastane" or "95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Elastane".

jeanette B.
20 Nov 2021
Bamboo toilet paper

I bought bamboo toilet paper wondering if it is genuine ?

James C.
20 Nov 2021
That's funny!

The Panda's would be horrified...