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5 July 2021

Bank branch closures: are banking hubs the answer?

Banks have closed hundreds of branches over the past decade.

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Jack N.
13 Nov 2021
Seniors cash?

What is your advice for seniors with cash?

Frank D.
10 Jul 2021
ASB Bank Does Not Value Customer Loyalty

Over the last few years, ASB Bank has shut down our branch 3 times (each time sending us to a different one), and the last two times they did not even have the courtesy to tell us. They certainly have our email address and contact numbers so there is no excuse for this. We use online banking most of the time so we do not rely on the branch a lot but we still need to use it from time to time and an ATM is essential. The last time they even took away the ATM, so this is really inconvenient. It just shows to me that they do not value their customers, despite what they would have us believe with the advertising. Surely they could have at least left us with an ATM!

Linda C.
10 Jul 2021
Banks/communities must find a solution...

I am completely happy to do on-line banking and stopped using cheques many years ago BUT I have an elderly relative who is totally non-tech. He is lucky he lives in a big city and that his local branch is still open & staff help him set up on-line payments, while family help with the rest. BUT it is an avenue for abuse by unscrupulous "helpers". Community hubs would be a solution, but with more services i.e. surely with technology like Zoom etc. a "face to face" service could have private booths where a customer can dial into their bank and be guided by a real person to do their own entries securely? The remote "teller" would not see the secure entries, just what they would normally see if you went to a branch. Banks are a business, yes, but also a service. Secure technology should find a way?

Jenna R.
05 Jul 2021
Rural banks

Our local Westpac has reduced its hours so much it's next to impossible to get in to it. I would normally stop in on the way to Christchurch or on the way home, but that doesn't suit the shorter hours. The result is, Westpac is going to say people aren't using their services so it will have to close.

Peter L.
03 Jul 2021
Are our Vulnerable Safe?

With the closure of face-to-face branches in many smaller towns and the cessation of cheque services, I am concerned that our elderly and vulnerable people are being left at considerable risk of scams and financial abuse.
Many of these people have little or no experience with smartphones or computers, making them an easy target for scammers.
I can also see the transition from the cheque book to online banking being too hard for many elderly, with usernames and passwords being entrusted to friends, relatives and carers so that they can help out. This leaves the elderly person wide open to financial abuse.

Shirley C.
05 Jul 2021
Are our Vulnerable Safe?

I have read that people that used cheques and don't use internet banking or phone banking can pay by Teller Assisted deposit at the bank.
Shirley C