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Batch cooking tips and getting the most out of your freezer

Top tips for batch cooking and how to store foods in your freezer.

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David C.
11 Apr 2020
Batch cooking

When costly items get a bit more affordable I tend to buy up large on special, then do the prep work to have pre-prepared ingredients. For example, capsicums: they get sweated down with oil, celery and onions and then portioned out in to freezer-tolerant containers to make a quick base for stews, chillis and soups.

Tip: labelling contents and date with a dry erase whiteboard pen works well on the portions, but wipe it off before you stick the containers in the dishwasher as the dishwashing process seems to make it much harder to wipe off the script. No ideas as to why.

Jenny W.
04 Apr 2020
Batch cooking

Have done this for years, cook a big batch of mince or casserole steak, add tinned tomatoes, tinned lentils in curry sauce, peas etc then freeze portions for use later. Saves time when you want a quick meal, healthier & cheaper than takeaways.