Single element induction cooker
Research report
4 April 2019

Breville the Quick Cook vs Anko Induction Cooker

Can single element induction cookers perform as well as traditional countertop models?

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Eve M.
16 Oct 2021
More than 2 brands

I have a single element from Phillips , single micassa brand and 2 element Westinghouse this was all before I did my renovation so don’t use either now, but I rated the Phillips the best to use and used it for many years

Patricia Gloria H.
24 Apr 2019
Breville Inducty

After reading first look on portable induction, I bought one @ Uncle Harvey's for a paltry $99.00. Wow, oh so quick to cook with. Yes, I too burnt the eggs first time on using it. Now, no challenge, roasting sunflower seeds in a cast iron pan or crepe suzettes it's done in a flash. Just had to adjust my recipes cooking times. So a big thanks to Consumer for the early look. You guys rock, big-time!

Margaret D.
12 Apr 2019
Breville the Quick Cooker

You have just made me find the dust on the bottom of my humble "Homemaker" single induction hotplate which I have happily used for several years as a replacement for the Sunbeam model that collapsed after ten or more years' use. I think I bought it from a Trade Me store. Some months ago I bought the Breville model you reviewed as further protection against the open flame of my gas hob and I completely agree with your comments, the difficulty of adjusting the automatic heat settings is vastly annoying when one is used to a simpler appliance, had I known of this feature I would not have bought it but now perhaps I'll make an effort again. The other plates I have used were completely satisfactory and neither of them developed scratches.
Margaret D.