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Bed linen buying guide

Not sure what kind of bed linen to buy? Here’s what to consider.

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Ewa D.
16 May 2021
Cotton products

So many people are now switched to 100% cotton, but unless it is organic I won't buy. Cotton and tobacco are two crops that sit on top of the list if it comes to pestiside and other nasty chemicals use.

Hera W.
09 May 2021
Fitted sheets

I have bought fitted sheets several years ago that are darted or 4 corner fitted which is my preference as opposed to elastic fitted sheets - sits perfectly on my Q bed and easier to iron. I have tried several outlets to buy these. Have you come across brands that have corner fitted sheets?

N R.
08 May 2021
Actual linen

I would have liked actual linen fibre sheets to have been included.

I love my linen sheets, they are so quiet compared to cotton, and they feel lovely, but they are not the quality of the old fashioned ones which could be passed down generations. Modern ones wear out comparatively quickly. Please consider adding linen sheets into your buying guide.

Joanne H.
30 Jan 2022
Linen sheets

I would also like linen sheets to be included in your reviews. Thanks

Anne K.
08 May 2021
100% Cotton - Sheridan/Actil Commercial

Hard to get now and very expensive, but I love these commercial quality sheets. Heavy and crisp to start with but they soften with age and washing (I line dry). Used to get them many moons ago from the Sheridan outlet on the North Shore but they now have the poly/cotton only. Nope, only cotton for me as I sleep hot.

Dawn V.
08 May 2021
Totally agree Actil were the best sheets

Yes totally agree, the 100% cotton sheets were fabulous. Haven't seen them in an age and nothing really has matched upto these yet.

Georgina E.
10 Sep 2022
100% agree

I always hot wash, line dry and iron my cotton Sheridan sheets weekly.
Been buying this brand forever, expensive but hard wearing, beautiful to sleep on, cool and crispy. I have just bought another set ( but haven’t had them on the bed yet) recently to replace a set (that are still good) which I estimate are at least 15 years old. I will be interested to compare this new set as they have ‘Tencel’ in them…no idea what that is…

Lyn C.
08 May 2021
Pilling despite good brand name

Bought flannelette set from Sheridan but pilling started after only a few washes. They refused to exchange unless I appeared in person in Wellington ( I live in Hawkes Bay)

Miles R.
08 May 2021
Yep not impressed with sheridan

Our flannelette have turned into dust balls after a few washes, absolutely horrible to sleep in now, feel like your breathing in dust

Michele M.
08 May 2021
I love my bamboo sheets

I bought a couple of pairs of bamboo sheets about 2 years back.

I absolutely love them. They always feel crisp when I wash them and put them back on the bed and they've never pilled.

I bought them in one of Briscoes' rare sales and they weren't expensive either.

Peter I.
08 May 2021
Bamboo vs Rayon: the marketing masterclass

S’funny. Call it rayon and it sounds a little Florida-leisure suity; call it bamboo and it sounds natural, earthy & positive.
Tried bamboo pillow cases and they seemed great, retaining their feel and look for ages. Then went back to the joy of a good quality soft yet crisp 400TC pure cotton and wondered “What was I thinking?!”

Previous member
19 May 2020
Sheets.. Crisp vs silky

Hi, I prefer a crisp sheet, they are proving hard to find as most are sateen or soft.
I would love to know who has Crispy sheets, what brand etc.

Nicola F.
21 May 2020
Crisp sheets

Sounds like you might want a percale cotton sheet, if you like it to have a crisp finish. Baksana or Seneca brands are worth checking for these.

Shannon H.
14 Dec 2020
crisp sheets

I've just bought some crisp percale sheets from https://www.thehotelsheet.co.nz/ - def recommend checking them out!

Michele M.
08 May 2021
Bamboo sheets

See my comments above.