8 April 2022

Can you cure snoring for under $100?

Sleep experts give their thoughts on the anti-snoring products at your local pharmacy.

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27 Apr 2022
CPAP works

It took about 3 to 4 weeks on the CPAP machine before I noticed significant improvement to my alertness (especially during the afternoon/evening). Now I can do more after the daily work routine!
I was diagnosed with moderate level sleep apnea, then trialed a machine for 5 weeks ($25/week rental) with Eden Sleep; now I'm on a $18/week payment plan, too easy!

John S.
13 Apr 2022
MAS, yes

I've used devices from Snorex that hold my tongue forward for many years and they really work for me.

Michael A.
13 Apr 2022

I've been wearing a custom-made MAD by Snorex for almost as long as they've been going (25 years) and it's great. I've gone through a few - the tops and bottoms of the early ones kept separating - but the latest one made in 2015 is still going strong. I even use it when I am away from home overnight as it helps me get a better night's sleep and stops me getting a sore throat. It took a few days to get used to but now I don't even notice it - unless I forget to put it in! Totally recommended. My dentist doesn't have any problems with it and my wife thinks it is wonderful! Snorex.co.nz.

D B M.
12 Apr 2022
Nasal strips

Shocking price here. Same brand in UK is about 1/4 of the price. Or order from China at a few cents each.

Peta L.
11 Apr 2022

My partner uses one of these. It has improved his snoring hugely, and he gets a proper nights sleep. Previously he's end up napping in the afternoons, tired in the mornings or asleep on the couch by 7pm - life is much better now. Took a couple of weeks to get used to it, and if he forgets to put it in, or leaves it behind, he has a terrible night. Well worth their investment!

B J M.
09 Apr 2022
Another Patney convert

I bought a Patney pillow as a present for my husband and was delighted to find that the bouts of snoring were very rare after he started using it.
Unfortunately I think the company has gone out of business so we won’t be able to buy a replacement when the current one wears out.

Peta L.
11 Apr 2022
Patney Pillow

I have one that has only been used once or twice - happy to sell. peta.laery@gmail.com

James & B C.
09 Apr 2022
MAD helped my snoring (not mad!)

I had a custom fitted MAD (Snorex) device fitted for me 12 years ago. It has worked extremely well. This was during a time of high work stress. It stopped me snoring. The device still works well and I only need to use it occasionally. It still fits my mouth well and my dentist had no issue when I told her about it.

David W.
09 Apr 2022
Chronic snorer

I've snored - loudly - since a teenager. It was affecting our marriage (wife couldn't sleep!). I tried manibular advancement splint - didn't help. I had uvulu palatal flap surgery - didn't help. Tried CPAP during a sleep study - it just works. Marriage saved. (That was about 8 years ago. I still use it every night. Yes, I have sleep apnoea.)

Douglas M.
09 Apr 2022
CPAP Machine

I sufferred from sleep apnea for years. I dealt with Eden Sleep in New Plymouth and after trialling a machine purchased one. I have owned it for 13 years and wouldn't be without it.

R J Kenning
09 Apr 2022
Nose Clip

I have been using a small device that looks like a staple with magnets at its tips. It fits between the 2 nostrils. I have had some marked success with this (according to my wife). It does tend to get uncomfortable as the night wears on, and they sometimes have the tendency to fall out which gives you something to do in the morning (finding it). I don't know how they work.

David G
09 Apr 2022
Mandibular advancement device - Snorex

As a hospital sleep clinic I was was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea and advised to get a mandibular advancement device (my case was not severe enough to require a CPAP machine). The brand I have, Snorex, is tailor made - they take an impression (mould) of the jaw/teeth and measure the jaw movement, then make the device in a few days, then have a fitting appointment. Using it caused an initial jaw ache which subsided after a few days. The device has been effective and has lasted about 10 years so far. The cost is $690.

Mike S.
09 Apr 2022
Patney anti-snore pillow

The Patney anti-snore pillow works for me but I think they've gone out of bussiness now due to covid.

09 Apr 2022
Mandibular advancement devices

I am a dentist, I snore if I don't wear a Mandibular advancement device. A properly made and fitted device has been proven to prevent snoring and significantly reduce sleep apnoea.
They should last for years and are comfortable and easy to wear.
Many marriages have been saved by the wearing of one of these devices.
Don't bother with an over the counter device. Get a properly made device

james o.
09 Apr 2022

I have had a CPAP for a few years now & beside the smart arse comments from my family(you look like Hannibal Lecter & sound like Darth Vader) it is great I sleep well & wake up refreshed.

09 Apr 2022
Mouth Tape

I use Mouth tape and would definitely recommend it to try. The micropore tape is around $3 at Pharmacies. I was a chronic mouth breather, snoring and waking up 2-3 times a night . I have switched over to nasal breathing as much as possible and use mouth tape to assist when sleeping and now get a full nights sleep. When you nasal breath , your nose releases Nitric oxide which improves oxygen circulation in the blood - how this would give you a worse sleep as mentioned in the article is puzzling.

Mary Beth C.
09 Apr 2022
Very cheap mouth tape solution

Hi - I use a small piece of inexpensive paper surgical tape. Instead of placing it along the entire mouth I just put the tape in the centre. It keeps my mouth from falling open, which causes me to snore, but it isn't claustrophobic as I can still open the sides of my mouth. This is incredibly effective for me - I thought I would feel constrained, but actually I feel more relaxed sleeping this way. I feel better in the morning and my oura ring stats have improved. And it's such a simple answer after trying more challenging methods including cpap.

Cpap didn't work as, even on the lowest settting, the air pressure would blow my lips apart as soon as I would drift off (imagnine a hilarious image of a horse blowing a a raspberry!)

Mike C.
09 Apr 2022
CPAP not for everyone

I snore, but sleep soundly and wake up refreshed. I was recommended a CPAP and never slept well, waking up exhausted. I tried it for 6 months. As soon as I stopped using it I slept like a baby. It might help with sleep apnea, but it can tend to be recommended for snoring which didn't help me.

Love Life
09 Apr 2022
I agree

I snore. I have a CPAP machine (You can rent them from Eden Sleep to try) and it really works. I feel so much better when I've used it. But it takes a while to get used to it and it's not sexy. So since I have had a new boyfriend, I haven't used it. Instead I use a Mandibular advancement device, fitted by my dentist. (Alpers Dental) It's fantastic. It drastically reduces the snoring and it's not too ugly. Lol. It's also very portable and great for travelling (and on planes!) They are pricey, but worth it.

Darren J.
09 Apr 2022
Sleep apnoea

Thanks for the recommendation of Eden Sleep and renting a CPAP. I am pretty sure that I have sleep apnoea, so I'm going to contact them. Nothing at all to lose. I already wake up tired, often with a headache and terrible concentration.