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17 October 2019

Can changing your eating habits save the planet?

Changing the way we eat could help save the planet and slash your food bill.

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Jo K.
27 Oct 2019
Better for all

Thanks for such a great summary. Eating a diet with more plants, and less animal products, is better for our health (better weight, lower heart disease, less stroke, less diabetes, less inflammation, less cancer, and less dementia). And, it’s better for animal welfare, and our planet. Even one plant-based meal a week will make a difference...

Murray C.
26 Oct 2019

One Saturday evening a few years back my wife and I sat down to a quiet evening together, and with nothing better to do we went to Netflix for a movie night. Scrolling through, not really sure what we were looking for, we stumbled upon "Cowspiracy". We thought it might be a comedy, alas it wasn't, however it did enlighten us to the impact that cows (beef) have on the world.
While we don't hold to some of the strong views held by the younger generation regarding climate change, we did understand better how the humble cow is impacting the planet, and the main impact does not come from methane emissions (although I'm not arguing with the article, there are methane emissions). I'm suggesting there is a greater impact from... well, you will have to watch the movie for that answer. Hope you enjoy it.

24 Oct 2019
Climate Change

The science is never settled on anything and the science used to push this Climate Change/warming political agenda is not correct and as a scientific organization you should know that and recent science says some unsaturated fats are not good for us if they have been hydrogenated.
I won't be giving up my meat or my car as the planet needs the C02 or nothing will survive.
I am disappointed in you pushing this rubbish.