How much carbon will your domestic holiday emit?

Your holiday to Hawaii may be off. But how many carbon miles will a foray to Fiordland burn up?

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Paul D.
04 Oct 2020
? misleading

Not clear whether this is per person (for the flight) or per vehicle (for the car)?
If it's not all per vehicle then grossly misleading for a couple or family.

Paul Drury

Consumer staff
05 Oct 2020
Re: ? misleading

Hi Paul,

The figures shown are per person. If you're travelling with more than one person in a car, you can divide the carbon emissions by the number of people in the vehicle to get the emissions per person.

Kind regards,
Frank - Consumer NZ staff

Elizabeth M.
04 Oct 2020
Where is rail?

How does rail compare?

R J & A D.
03 Oct 2020
Where are the hybrids?

Hybrid vehicles are now a significant portion of the NZ fleet, so should be included in the table. Ideally, the table should include the equivalent hybrid for each of the three non-electric car/SUV classes.


03 Oct 2020

I agree totally. I changed to a hybrid this year to do my bit for the climate. According to its specs, my 2500cc Hybrid would emit 130kg on a 992km return trip — admittedly a lot more than an electric car, but a lot less than regular engines. The lack of infrastructure for charging electric cars was a big factor in my decision as well as battery disposal issues.