Research report
21 May 2021

CBD products: what you need to know

Use of CBD products has tripled in the past year. We look at the evidence supporting the health claims.

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Andrew G.
23 May 2021
Definitely helps.

I have CRPS, a broken tendon and torn ligaments all inoperable due to CRPS so have severe chronic pain. As such I'm on strong meds including Morphine. A specialist prescribed Cbd and I've not looked back, it definately helps with pain, (doesn't take it away but nothing does) helped lots with anxiety and depression caused by injuries and pain (I was put on anti depressants but they made me suicidal so had to cease use) have had no side effects, I'm on Equalis brand which is NZ made and cheaper but is still expensive and not funded but is worth the expense. I've also gave my father some who has crushed nerves in his back, It helped him also.

McCaulay S.
23 May 2021
When nothing else works

I am fortunate in that I have an excellent Doctor. It took him 2 years to diagnose me with Fibromyalgia, as he did this by individually having each of my problems checked through the hospital to check for what else may have caused the problem. In other words, ruling out other reasons for the problems that arose.
Anyway, after 2 years, Fibromyalgia, or "Fybro" for short, was the resulting diagnosis. This disease is more common in women than in men, but I have it, and there is no easy fix, as anyone with it will attest to. It can most closely be described as being similar to Arthritis, but in the muscles rather than in the bones. There are many other affects too, but in my case at least, the muscle aches are the most debilitating. To know more about this horrible condition, you can look it up in recent Medical Journals, or Google it.
The Crux of the matter is that with many days of suffering at my work, and with the usual pain medications leaving me in no real condition to work and creating problems of their own, I eventually sourced some CBD oil in a desperate final bid to find something that might relieve the symptom's and allow me to continue working.
In short, nothing else prescribed to me by my Doctor came even close to giving me the relief that the CBD Oil, (and also Marijuana [leaf], which was easier to source), did for me. Total relief. Unbelievable. And once I had worked out a minimal effective dose, there was no looking back. a low dose before work, and once work finished I could repeat, or up the dose a little if, and when necessary. There was no placebo affect here, else one of the promising drugs that my Doctor had prescribed would have worked. The biggest problem was sourcing it, and getting to the lowest effective dose.
So it definitely works for me 100%, and I am now almost 70. I don't see any side affects, and even if there were any, this has given me a quality of life that I otherwise would not have had, and rather than being at the stage of feeling "hurry up and take me from this world", I enjoy my time above ground.
Should this help even just one other person, then it was well worth my effort to write this.
Good Luck.

Alan B.
22 May 2021
Timely Report

I have Neuropathy and I am aware that people overseas use CBD products to ease their symptoms. Until now I would have liked to have been able to try them for myself. Thanks to this report I will shelve the idea.
As a side comment I have tried smoking cannabis and found it made my symptoms worse.

Philip H.
22 May 2021
Near placebo / on the edge

Many grasp at anything that is not a ‘drug’ and then reach for substances which are rich cocktails of undefined constituents. The mystique of cannabis and its association with the ancient religions and more recent ‘hippy’ culture is attractive. The reality is that CBD after decades barely has any efficacy in any indication (even the approved one childhood epilepsy). Few products available here are approved by Medsafe and few existing ones overseas would fulfill the criteria required for CBD oil of a consistent quality. I think all this will end up being a fad, that these mysterious properties, so needed by the desperate who have found no solution through doctors, will fill a void for a while like a raft of other alternative therapies. Some doctors don’t mind prescribing unknown substances they haven’t a clue about simply to keep ignorant patients happy (or less angry). The truth is that absent of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence. Many forget that little knowledge is dangerous and there are many ‘natural!’ substances that have been shown to both injure patients snd even kill them. For those that think that is rubbish I suggest they look back in history.

R J M.
23 Aug 2021
Sounds like

You have a lot of opinions and no actual knowledge of pain or CBD effectiveness. No offence however if you don't have any evidence why bother just toddle on along.