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How to clean your heat pump

Getting the best out of your heat pump only takes a vacuum cleaner and a few minutes of your time.

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Francis T.
12 Jun 2021

I have discovered mould can grow in the internal unit on the inner surfaces, on the fan blades and heat exchanger grills leading to bad smells and possibly a health hazard. Cleaning is very difficult involving partial disassembly of the wall mounted unit and specialized grill foam sprays. Good luck finding a repair guy it's DIY.

Godfrey H.
22 Aug 2021

When I had that problem I ran the coil dry setting. That solved it.

Chris G.
08 Jan 2022

I've found that a spray of Exit Mould or similar over the fins of the inside unit (after a thorough clean of the filters etc). This sorts the mould out, but leaves the house smelling of chlorine for a while, so ventilate the room for a while.

Jenny W.
12 Jun 2021

Not so easy to access filters when the heat pump is high on a wall. Even standing on a chair (and I’m tall), quite tricky to reach up to open the cover & get the filters out. I’m 70+ and fairly agile but there will come a day when I will have to pay someone to clean the filters for me.

Prabandha K & Choudhury S.
12 Jun 2021

Great tips including vedio DIY. Also timely reminder - thanks.