11 November 2021

Clone wars: what to do about fake Facebook pages

What we learned from having our own account cloned.

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Kas S.
20 Nov 2021
I have a Facebook page

But use it sparingly. I get annoyed when people like Consumer NZ (No offence) tell me to sign up to them on Facebook to see all the deals.... blah blah blah. I only make contact with a small amount of Friends I have on it (Just checked - 15) plus 2 community ones and that's not often. I find Facebook a total 100% scam and a shambles. The amount of people that believe everything they read on it is mind blowing not to mention the people that get scammed in buying something, worse when it's too good to be true. I've never fully completed my Profile as I don't want anyone getting the information but hay if Facebook rocks your boat then continue on and don't listen to me :-)

Susan S.
13 Nov 2021
Also suspicious of giveaway

That was my first thought when I saw the Consumer NZ prize draw promotion, but I clicked the link & it took me to my account, so I decided it would be ok. Despite this I received a fried request from the Clone profile. I come to expect these now if I enter a comp on a Facebook page sadly.
The issue with Facebook is scrolling your way through the garbage to get to the worthwhile bits. Does make me want to ditch it sometimes.

Steven S.
13 Nov 2021
Just delete facebook

Facebook has become a cesspool. It was never perfect but as time goes on the bad has outweighed the good. My tipping point was enduring nonsense posts by COVID / conspiracy noise posts, as well as advertising spam which made the platform more annoying than good. Back to email and trusted websites for me.