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29 July 2021

Consumers paying too much for groceries, report confirms

Commerce Commission report finds evidence of high prices and high profits.

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Michelle C.
28 Aug 2021
Greedy Supermarkets Taking Advantage

New World have put up prices on a range of products, sometimes double the price. It should not be allowed to happen.

Brenda T.
07 Aug 2021
Sugar poison.

I think food producers should receive high penalties if they continue to pour sugar into every product, making people obese then these people are put on pharmaceuticals which have lists of equally lethal side effects. Cut the sugar! Brenda Turton. Hope, 7020

Terri Ann S.
05 Aug 2021
Remove GST from food, add high sugar / fat tax.

Simply don't understand why an essential items like groceries, milk products, fruit and veg has GST included in NZ.
Far better to add a tax for foods high in sugar or fat that is causing an increase in conditions like obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

Eileen B.
02 Aug 2021
Food prices

Wipe 15% GST off food such as meat, dairy, bread, fruit, vegetables. Not a great saving for those struggling to pay for groceries but a start.

B A S.
31 Jul 2021
We simply don't have the population

to provide for another player. In Oz they don't have GST on food but here it means nothing if the prices are hiked for fresh food anyway. Our local New World has broccoli at $5 and at the local garden shop $2, so I imagine GST is a minor factor.

Rupert B.
01 Aug 2021
We aren't "too small"

We used to have more players, but they were bought out until we just had the two we have now.

Willie &Chris V.
02 Aug 2021
Not to small

As a tv one report pointed out, Ireland with a similar population has 5 major supermarket chains. Sorry you’re wrong.

Ian R.
31 Jul 2021
Supermarket international pricing comparisons

Do price comparisons between countries take GST and sales tax into account? I understand many overseas jurisdictions do not tax food items.

Julia C.
31 Jul 2021
Dispicable treatment of suppliers to New World.

I was absolutely disgusted and felt very angry at the treatment of suppliers to FoodStuffs. It is disgraceful. I will no longer shop at my local New World until they can provide evidence of treating suppliers fairly.

31 Jul 2021

Countdown are probably the same.

Peter & Jackie Paterson
31 Jul 2021
Time it all came out

Newsroom reports this morning of a Nelson based supplier of a boutique breakfast product who is expecting to lose her spot on Foodstuffs shelves. She says they have told her that the co- operative chain wants to reduce their range from 500 products to less than 300 products. She reports frequent bullying meetings where she is pressured to reduce her price and reductions not being passed on. Just imagine the mental distress caused to someone who has battled to bring a really good boutique product to the consumer, only to have the retailer dictate terms that wipe out any benefit earned with her innovation and hard graft. I hope she is the first of many to break ranks and tell us all the nasty stories of how they have been bullied. I hope the Commerce Commission publicly states that they will prosecute the bullies if they threaten action against suppliers. For the sake of the mental health of small business food producers I hope Parliament makes the directors of these two predatory companies personally liable to hail terms for anti competitive bullying behaviour likely to cause mental stress on the weaker party. Let's get it all out in the open now so there's nowhere for them to hide.