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27 July 2015

Where's your food from?

It’s not always easy to tell where your frozen fruit and vege comes from.

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Steve B.
02 Sep 2018
Government speaks with a forked tongue.

How can the government say that its aligned with Oz for food labelling when Oz is so different to here.
There labelling is so good that when checking the standard honeys we found only one with 100% Ozzy honey, all the reste were imported blends.
After the bad Chinese press about their food, we wont go near it and the thought of every eating chinese broccoli makes me feel quiet sick.
We have an absolute right to know where our food comes from and this and the last government have sorely let us all down, siding with big business over the people.

Greg H.
18 Mar 2017
From local and/or imported ingredients

This is not information. The term does not need to exist as it tells us nothing. Surely its our right to know where things come from if we are paying money for them. And we should not need to phone the manufacturer every time we are fed mis-information.

Andrew R.
16 Jul 2016
New Zealand Producer Goods

It is disgusting that compulsory labelling is opposed as not being good for trade.

What about the idea of buying by informed consumers? Why is the government placing the interests of producers over consumers?

Ross M.
18 Jun 2016
Why this prejudice against China?

Nearly every comment so far shows or implies some sort of prejudice against China. I think this is based on ignorance rather than prejudice, but it is a worry. China is a huge country. It is stupid to think the polluted city environments we see on TV from time to time apply across the whole country. That is like assuming that all of Australia looks like West Sydney. The important thing in my view is food quality and the ability of suppliers to quickly identify and remove from the shelves all food from a batch that turns out to have problems.

Previous member
21 May 2016
Please ask Talleys

I have heard from trusted sources that although the produce Talleys use comes from NZ they get it processed in China, which sounds crazy but apparently true. Could you please check with them?

Lawrence W W.
05 Feb 2016
Chinese produce

Mortified to see companies importing in Chinese fruit and vegetables. This country has polluted soils and ground water supplies. It also has some of the most barbaric working conditions in the world and tehse companies are using Chinese produce as it costs a fraction of Kiwi produce. If I see China on any food, back it goes, a lot of pre packaged fish products are Chinese too (Especially Shore Mariner products) and the Vietnamese Cahora Bassa fish, which is grown polluted muddy swamps of the Mekong.

Basically if a country is China or 3rd world I leave it alone. Hopefully with the collapse of China, we can stop relying on Chinese goods so much.

Anna L.
08 Nov 2015
Sujon and Talleys all the way!

Yes I always check COO when buying frozen (and canned) produce.
I appreciate Sujon being upfront. And I'm ok with Canada and Chile as the originating country, so we can still have berries in our smoothies. But I will not buy tinned or frozen goods from China.
And well done to Talleys for being NZ only!
I worked out a long time ago that Watties was not NZ only....

Jonathan J.
10 Aug 2015
Spinach from China in Watties Super Mix

After reading the article I sent an email to Watties about their Super Mix frozen veggies which are made for "local and imported" ingredients. They promptly replied (which was excellent) and told me that some of the ingredients such as the broccoli may come from South America. I asked about the spinach and it turns out it comes from ... China.

Paul & Karen C.
08 Aug 2015
We do need CoO labelling to make informed choices

I make a point of only buying NZ produce if it's food we can grow here. We stopped buying canned fruit years ago & now bottle our own in summer. I buy Talleys frozen veges if I need them, because they do guarantee they're locally grown. I never buy any food produced in China. The only thing of USA origin would be prunes. I won't buy meat that isn't clearly labelled as NZ. I'd rather pay more for local food if I have to. If I can't get NZ I will sometimes buy Australian

Previous member
08 Aug 2015
27 Jul 2015 Country of origin labelling

I think there is some naivety here. Countries like China have very polluted soils and are not as straight forward or honest as we might think here in New Zealand. Try looking up videos or stories on the state of farmland soil in China. Any of their own people who speak up about this are silenced. Wake up people!

In the manufacturing sector just talk with engineers from any company having products manufactured in China. Unless you have constant surveillance by your own engineers in the factory the product can not be trusted.