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5 October 2021

Dentist fees: What you can expect to pay

What you can expect to pay for a trip to the dentist.

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Pauline H.
20 Oct 2021
Gum Health

I have ongoing gum problems due to back sloping lower teeth. I have found that when my gums start to play up. Chewing on food like carrots really helps. I suppose it is like a muscle needing to be excercised. Giving my gums excercise like this really really helps. Otherwise I am quite a soft foods eater.

Christine C.
09 Oct 2021
Promote good teeth care from babyhood

The Ministry of Health should be using widespread, visually attractive, easy-to-read posters designed to appeal to adults and children and displayed in all schools, libraries, gp rooms, and hospitals to promote the importance of basic care of your teeth from infancy onwards. Parents should be cleaning babies teeth when they develop and overseeing toddlers with their toothbrushes and toothpaste so the habit is formed and the message of healthy teeth is clear. Everyone knows sugar is bad for teeth, but decay will be prevented if teeth have basic daily care. Tooth brushes and toothpaste are no more expensive than a pack of bandages found in every home but they are a daily necessity, and understand too that brushing your teeth is actually more important than washing your face and brushing your hair. A soft toothbrush encourages use and doesn't harm gums, and floss can last days to weeks. Those initial years are so important but with so little information or awareness available it's no wonder that people forget their hugely important teeth sitting just inside their mouths. Continuing care of your teeth from childhood will last a lifetime and prevent most oral disease and the associated expenses. Dentists get an undeserved bad rap but people should understand the complexity of teeth growing in bone in their mouth and jaw and the skill required to care for them when an accident happens or teeth decay. They have to repair the damage people mostly inflict on themselves. A lot more in-your-face promoting would give much needed awareness.