Dishwasher detergent safety

How to keep your household safe from corrosive and poisonous products.

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Shona M.
28 May 2019
What about rinse aid?

Hi, I've always wondered how safe is it to eat and drink using our crockery, cutlery etc after it's been coated in the rinse aid? The container has cautions on the back saying DO NOT SWALLOW. Surely we are ingesting it. Any plastic containers that usually don't dry properly feel slimy to the touch. I've started rinsing some dishes in water before I use them now... :(

Consumer staff
30 May 2019
Re: What about rinse aid?

Hi Shona,

Rinse aid is usually made up of surfactants, water and alcohols. When diluted in a wash they aren’t harmful. In a concentrated dose, such as straight from the container, they can be harmful. This is why the label has the warning. If you suspect the rinse aid is leaving a residue behind, then try changing the dosage (see your dishwasher manual for instructions). It’s also worth noting that many tablets include rinse aid, so if you’re using one of these you don’t need to add rinse aid to the dispenser.

Kind regards,

Natalie - Consumer NZ staff

Michele M.
01 Aug 2014
When is Consumer going to add to the reports whether the products have been tested on animals please?

People would be horrified if they really knew what happens to animals involved in testing of all sorts of products. It is not right that this should be still be happening in the 21st century. Consumer would be helping people to become aware of this cruel practice and also helping animals as there will be less testing done as more people bouycott these products.

Carol J.
13 Jul 2014
New website

Having the compare membership types just below the top banner is annoying. I'm a member already. I'm here for the information, not the advertising.

Previous member
14 Jul 2014
New website

Hi Carol. Thanks for your feedback. The purpose of that banner is to give a sense of place on the website, it is not meant as advertising. Any other thoughts or questions about the site, please let us know.