April 2022

How to make your own emergency grab bag

You can create your own kit for a lot less money than some premade ones, and it’ll be customised to you.

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Roger D.
01 Feb 2022
Disaster preparation - a lengthy post

Having lived through the CHC quakes, I wrote a long post about getting prepared, and about buying equipment that wouldn't fail when you need it the most. You can read it here:

J E C.
29 Jan 2022
Don't forget seniors

Many how-to plans talk about making plans with the family, putting things in back packs, cooking, walking and other physical things that are great for younger people. For many older folk living alone, the prospect of a disaster is terrifying because of the fear of not being mobile enough and being left to cope on their own. Other little things - hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries that need electricity. So much of what we use needs a charger and I do wonder where the power supply is going to come from? I do thank Consumer for publishing this article because we all need reminding of the necessity of having something prepared for any type of crisis.

30 Jan 2020
Important Thing to have in your grab bag

After being in all of the CHCH quakes the most important thing to have firstly is cash as if ATM's go down and banks are shut then you can't buy petrol, or supplies. If you can spare it put in your grab bag about $200 - luckily we had done this and used all of it over a week.