24 February 2022

Does your sports supplement contain illegal drugs?

Sports supplements pulled from sale after our investigation found they contained controlled and prescription drugs.

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Roger Cole.
28 Feb 2022
Watch the name of the product

Anyone who buys a product where the name contains an obscenity (disguised or not) deserves all they get.

Mandy T.
26 Feb 2022
Examine.com - Peer reviewed, science based, published in top medical journals. All you need to know about supplements.

You must discuss with your GP before you start taking any supplements!!!
Examine.com is free unless you want to deep dive into the research itself then it costs you. They will not recommend any brands, only supplement info.
I also listen to Professor Andrew Hubermans podcast. (Hubermanlab) he basically reads all the research then dumbs it down for plebs like me. That's free too.
It's high time the supplement industry was cleaned up. Even if you do your research there is no guarantee that the brand you buy has what the bottle states or doesn't have anything extra in it. Apparently if a bottle has the USP stamp on it then the contents have been tested and are what is stated on the bottle. There is also a GMP stamp which means Good Manufacturing Processes, but that sounds a bit airy to me.
I try to buy the USP stamped brands but there are hardly any around, which isn't good enough.

colin f.
24 Feb 2022
Why no reference to amounts of chemicals found

This article does not say what proportions of the substances discussed were found - could have been anything from a trace to a substantial amount.


Simonne M.
24 Feb 2022
Stick to well-known, reputable brands

There are so many brands of sports supplements available and it is difficult to know which ones are dodgy. In my experience the well-known, reputable brands that have been around for a long time are the safer options. Also stay away from brands/products whose labels contain "proprietary blends" and don't fully disclose all the ingredients.