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25 September 2020

Domestic travel insurance: do you need it?

Is travel insurance worth buying for your Kiwi holiday?

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Amanda S.
28 Dec 2020
Rental car excess reduction

I am quite baffled by the number of domestic travel insurance policies that include a requirement that you must "have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance for the Rental Car for the hire period" to qualify for the rental car excess cover. For most rental car companies the "comprehensive insurance" is the one which reduces your excess to zero, making the separate rental car excess cover of no use. This seems to just be bad drafting but it is repeated across many different travel insurance companies. It makes it hard to find annual policies with effective excess reduction cover.

Philip R.
10 Jan 2021
Car rental excess cover in NZ

This is one area that domestic travel insurance should be worth it. For example planning to rent a car for 3 weeks in the South Island I find the rental car company insurance that reduces my liability to zero would be more expensive than the cost of car hire itself . 3 week cover from a travel insurance company such as TINZ costs about $60, according to the policy covering up to $6000 of rental car excess(with a $200 excess itself).I wonder if Consumer has more detailed comparison of Domestic travel insurers on this point.

Sheree C.
27 Sep 2020
Airline Insurance

It would have been nice to see the Airline Insurance included in this article. Whether it is worth it or not or even if it is just a money making exercise for the airline?