July 2022

Drink now, pay later: Afterpay chases the alcohol industry

Customers can now use Afterpay to purchase alcohol.

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Neville C.
03 Aug 2022
MBIE Lunacy

That MBIE approves of BNPL is absolutely and illustrates a patronising attitude to the poor. If you can't afford something then don get it. Alcohol, Gambling and other addictive practices should be limited to a cash only basis and given that BNPL is effectively banking and should be regulated as such. MBIE is so totally out of touch it should be dismantled.

Peter I.
23 Jul 2022
Targeting Pokies Machines Next?

Gamble now pay later. Unfortunately paying later is the fundamental outcome and impact of these machines, gambling and of alcohol already. Pay dearly later.
Financial hangovers.

Heather P.
23 Jul 2022
Drink now pay later

Honestly! How totally mad is this idea. Alcohol is a DRUG - and we have a major problem with drugs - instead of assisting access we should be encouraging restriction of access. I am an occasional drink taker, I am also 'old' and I am appalled at the destruction of our society assisted by drugs. The lowering of the drinking age to 18 from 20 was a mad, bad decision.
Heather Pearce