May 2022

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni review – finally a robot vacuum that’s a smart cookie

Top-of-the-line robo-vac with a price tag to match.

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Ron B.
29 May 2022
Ex Sceptic

I had tried a number of robotic vacuums with disappointing results, but after trying the Xiaomi Roborok, I was converted. This little machine that we call Millie can also be controlled remotely from your mobile. It maps the area and it automatically adjusts it's vacuum when moving from the floor onto the carpets and it stops and turns around when it senses the stairs at the edge of the landing. It also talks to us as well as sending progress reports to my mobile phone. It has a mop function that we have never used, so I cannot comment on that.
Nothing is perfect, but Millie, with her quirks, is still far more effective than one would expect and has become an integral part of the family.

Doug M.
28 May 2022
A robot sceptic

I'm yet to be convinced that robot cleaners are better than conventional cleaners.

Yes, I acknowledge that they seem to do short carpets and hard floors very well. However, a conventional vacuum cleaner is much better, easier and more versatile for cleaning the following: stairs, thick pile carpet, those little gaps beside the cooker / fridge / washing machine, between beds & bedside cabinets, inside your vehicles, window ledges, skirting boards, lounge suites, garage floors, the sawdust from the garage workbench, cobwebs, etc.

Get one appliance and the benefits of the exercise that goes with using it instead of a robot plus a small hand vacuum cleaner plus any other fancy cleaner. You can save quite a bit of money by going low tech.

John M.
30 May 2022
Who claimed they were better than conventional vacuums?

Walking is better than driving or using public transport but sometimes time is against us. It is true that a robot vacuum in most cases is a back-up, there are places they can't do the job as well. You can space out your main vacuuming regime, but still, you would be amazed at how much they pick up. And it is true that they are more efficient on some surfaces than others. But it is horses for courses.

John M.
28 May 2022
The Dad of KarenM

I second everything my daughter says. Originally thought that robot vacuums were just a gadget but it's worth its weight in gold although I would not pay more than we did for ours. In regard to having to empty the bin, considering the time and effort the robot saves, it is nothing. It does have a personality and I am certain it always wants to clean just where I am sitting! Only drawback with ours (and I am sure it would apply to all of them) is the horizontal brush sometimes comes detached when it goes UNDER a mat and the robot is going OVER! Sometimes the robot will back off and have another go when it feels the resistance.

Karen M.
28 May 2022
Some brands are decent

I bought a mid-range Xiaomi robot vac/mop: it's fantastic. No fancy camera or voice operation, but it learns from getting stuck, has excellent mapping, doesn't seem stupid (in fact, recommending it to my Dad meant he bought his own, and is convinced his Xiaomi has a personality, following him around the house like a pet): it was about $700/800 and I've barely used my regular vacuum cleaner, the Xiaomi is so good.

catherine i.
28 May 2022

Great - Thanks. Q. What does it do w split level floors? Are other levels part of the map? Do you just lift robot up and down? Etc. Thx.

John M.
28 May 2022

Yes you have to lift the robot to different levels. I am pretty sure ours has a camera underneath that prevents it going over an edge, but we keep the stair door closed anyway.

Chris O.
28 May 2022
Good story!

Thank you for an amusing and informative article! Good to know that in this case, spending a whole lot more will actually provide a much better piece of tech! Cheers!