Hybrid Gravel e-bike review

If you’re looking for a carbon fibre, gravel electric bike that can be customised for your needs, this Hybrid is a good place to start.

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David C.
30 Jan 2022
A carbon frame gravel bike?

Gravel bikes can take a lot of knocks and dings, and carbon fibre frames tend to fail suddenly - there's no warning like the dents, bends or cracking on a metal frame, so not sure it would be the ideal application for carbon.

Steel has a more forgiving ride than Aluminium, so might that be a better choice for longevity and comfort?

How about Consumer hunts for a general purpose bike with: stable, slack geometry, a steel frame for comfort and durability, with belt drive and an internal geared hub capable of handling motor torque? Not everyone is interested in forking out lumps of cash for a few grammes less mass.