19 April 2022

Electric vehicle shortage: international delays keep consumers waiting

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Willem D.
23 Apr 2022
Electric vehicles in NZ

I guess it comes down to what you are looking for. Trademe shows 583 EV's for sale. Their search engine is not very accurate. Most of these EV's are Gen1 Leafs. Only good for in town with limited milage. If that is what you want, then all good. I am a bit worried that NZ is becoming a dumping ground for old Jap Leafs. Hopefully their are viable plans in place to deal with this.

David K.
24 Apr 2022
Second hand electric vehicles in New Zealand

I find 545 listings for EVs on TradeMe. The cheapest 200 or so are almost all imported 1st generation Nissan Leafs and 2nd generation Leafs begin at about $32,000. That does mean that to buy an EV that is a reasonable option for doing a road trip is at least $32,000. There are many options for replacement of failed Nissan Leaf battery modules available as well as companies such as EVs Enhanced in Christchurch that offer 3rd party battery upgrades. Used EV batteries that are down to 50% state-of-charge or less can still be repurposed as home storage batteries. Battery recycling is just beginning in New Zealand.