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Electricity Authority and Consumer Powerswitch logos.
19 December 2019

Price comparison websites What’s My Number and Powerswitch merge

Merge comes after recommendation from Electricity Price Review.

Since 2011, the Electricity Authority’s What’s My Number campaign and Consumer NZ’s website have helped New Zealanders check for potential savings, compare plans and switch their power deals.

Today, we merged the two websites to make checking and switching even easier for consumers.

“Merging What’s My Number and Powerswitch is part of the Authority’s wider programme of work to make sure New Zealand electricity consumers have easy access to clear information about different electricity deals,” says James Stevenson-Wallace, Chief Executive of the Authority.

“With more information, consumers are better equipped to make choices and with more choice comes increasing pressure on retailers to improve their products, services and pricing.

“New Zealand has high rates of people switching electricity providers, but we know we can make it even easier for consumers to check if they are on the best deal for them.”

The What’s My Number calculator has been included on the Powerswitch website. Anyone who goes to the What’s My Number website will now be automatically redirected to a new Powerswitch landing page.

“The What’s My Number campaign has been very successful, and the brand is well known across New Zealand. That’s why it’s important we retain some elements of the brand in Powerswitch.”

Mr Stevenson-Wallace says Consumer NZ has been working hard to improve Powerswitch.

“The Authority will continue to work closely with Consumer NZ to ensure consumers have access to an independent, informative price comparison website.”

Sue Chetwin, Chief Executive of Consumer NZ said, “Consumer NZ has been working for 60 years to help New Zealanders make informed decisions and get a fairer deal, and we are excited about developing Powerswitch further.

“New Zealand has a competitive electricity market with many different providers, which can make it difficult for people to understand and choose the best energy plan to meet their needs. What’s My Number and Powerswitch have provided an excellent foundation from which we will build a more advanced switching and comparison tool and drive better outcomes for New Zealand consumers.”

The Electricity Price Review recommended merging What’s My Number and Powerswitch and creating a more advanced single comparison website.

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