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6 December 2017

Email domain hosting

We look at your options for New Zealand-hosted email.

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Mark M.
30 Mar 2020
Domain Names and the cheapest service available.

I am currently using Freeparking for my annual domain name renewals , but I feel the cost fast out paces the service .
What alternatives do New Zealanders have.
Thanking you in anticipation .


Sara M.
29 Sep 2020
domain name provider

totally agree. Freeparking have been great, I've used them for about 20 years, but they're resting on their laurels. Price going up, and they're at the high end already, and nothing to do but a computer tick annually.
They're now so automated that I overpaid, after a reminder, but they say they have no way of repaying that. I'm looking elsewhere

Greg C.
09 Dec 2017
Email messages are not private.

The perception that emails are a private communication is completely unfounded. People need to realise emails are not private. When you hit send the message is published to everyone. You have no control over where the message goes, what servers it passes through or stored on, is forwarded, copied, archived, modified, or delivered to the intended recipient. The email RFC, the technical document that describes and defines email, introductory summary statement can be paraphrased; email is an ad-hoc messaging system with best effort delivery. Nowhere in the RFC is there any requirement for privacy of message content. Therefore to state privacy concerns as a consideration of establishing an email service is disingenuous. If you establish an email service with a New Zealand based provider and you send a message to an address on another New Zealand based provider there is no guarantee that the message will not be routed via offshore servers for delivery.