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Research report
17 May 2019

Emergency water tanks

How to buy and maintain an emergency water tank.

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N B.
22 May 2020
Additional cleaning warning

The house next door (Holiday home) installed one of the Tank Guy 200L tanks but had to use a longer (clear) pipe to connect with the downpipe. Eventually the connecting pipe filled with opaque "sludge" that blocked it stopping the inflow.
I blew it out with their garden hose and the tank filled again next rain. I check it for them regularly now.

Robert G.
11 Apr 2020
Water Tanks

Our family of 4 (like many others) lived on a property without public water supply for 35 years. Had 3 large concrete tanks, our sole source. Apart from regularly cleaning roof spouting did none of the things your article suggests. Diverters were invented only about 5 years before we left the property. Had no health problems traced back to the water supply.
Rob Grant