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9 March 2018

Environmental issues survey

Environmental considerations feature large when shoppers make purchases. Consumers are asking why companies aren’t doing more to clean up their act.

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Graham T.
14 Mar 2020
ecology and consumerism

I'm very pleased that Consumer is getting active on ecological issues. We owe it to our kids to leave them with a liveable world. After a lifetime in science, it's abundantly clear to me that nature does not owe us a living and we have to shift, fast, to a low-carbon, low-impact lifestyle.

Patricia B.
21 Mar 2018

I am wondering if I am subscribing to Consumer or Fair Go
I joined as I needed assistant with which is the best product to purchase that has been tested, now I find myself reading articles about subjects that Fair Go would handle, i.e. Property Managers, which I take exception to. It is so negative and with only a one sided approach, which is typical of todays journalism.

Previous member
22 Mar 2018
Re: Consumer

Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your feedback. While we do test products, a big part of our work is also advocating for consumer rights – we investigate issues and campaign to get laws changed to benefit consumers. We’ve had some great successes this year, including getting banks to scrap their ATM fee for using another bank’s ATM. You can read about more of our recent wins here.

Fonda – Consumer NZ staff