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Updated 29 March 2021

Can you really buy 'ethical' chocolate?

It’s a hard road buying chocolate with a clean conscience.

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Jeff S.
14 Jan 2021
Trade Aid

They also do (Packaged) coffee if you’re looking for an excuse to go there.

Anke F.
29 Nov 2020

Packaging is another aspect when it comes sustainability. The traidaid packaging is home compostable! Some brands use plastic (not good), some use paper/cardboard and tin foil (at least these are easier to recycle), some paper/cardboard and plastic.

Barbara S.
28 Nov 2020
Fairtrade chocolate

It also matters whether or not the chocolate companies use palm oil - I think Whittakers do not
Barbara S

kathryn g.
28 Nov 2020
Great article on chocolate

Very useful, I will ensure I shop to support ethical chocolate farming practices

Kim P.
28 Nov 2020
Thank you Consumer

Very useful article.