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Research report
29 March 2021

Eyelash serums: the downside of longer lashes

The hidden cost of eyelash serums.

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Barbara W.
11 May 2022
No bad effects from LiLash

I have been using LiLash for at least 4 years an never had any problems. I already had quite long lashes but started using it because my lashes were thinning out with age and hoped to at least stop that and encourage regrowth of those lashes that were disappearing. It took 8 to 12 weeks to see changes. My lashes didn't thicken up again but they did get darker and longer. A bit annoying when wearing glasses sometimes. I applied LiLash every week day over 3 years but about a year ago I only applied Monday, Wednesday and Friday and over the past 4 months only Monday and Friday just to keep the lashes as is. Seems to be working fine and saves on cost. Never had any issues with redness, sight or skin discoloration. Very happy with the product.

V R C.
03 Apr 2021

It took 8 weeks to see good lash growth, however the horrible side affect was stringy gunk in the inside corner of my eye which would leave my sight blurred when I blinked. Stopped use thereafter.

Nolian A.
03 Apr 2021
No ill effects from Revitalash

I have used this every day for about 4 years and had no I’ll effects and my eyelashes are long and strong. I had been getting eyelash extensions for about 2 years prior to this but my natural eyelashes broke off and I started using Revitalash and love it.

Margaret M.
03 Apr 2021

I tried this a couple of years ago, using as directed at night. After a couple of days my eyes were sore and red in the morning so stopped using it. An expensive exercise with no positive results

Claudia S.
03 Apr 2021
Discontinued Flash after side effects

The first day I had mild redness and itching. On the second day these symptoms got worse with swelling. I discontinued the product. It took my eyes a week to recover.