Fermented foods

Manufacturers are keen to cash in on the latest health craze for fermented foods. But are their claims just a load of gas?

Fermented food products

From a kombucha beverage calling itself a “living probiotic tonic”, kefir drinks promising “some tummy lovin’ ”, and kimchi “for a good gut feeling”, manufacturers are keen to cash in on the latest health craze for fermented foods. But are their claims just a load of gas?

A bug’s life

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Manufacturers' claims

What's the evidence?

The best way to improve gut health

Taste test

Products compared

Product Price[width=small] Microbes named[width=auto]
Kefir and yoghurt
Mad Millie Greek Yoghurt Making Kit $22.95 On pack
Mad Millie Kefir Making Kit $18.99 On pack
The Collective Super Kefir13 Mango Tumeric (700ml) $5.90 On pack
The Collective Super Kefir13 Unsweetened (700ml) $5.90 On pack
The Kefir Company Kefir Sipper Lime (300ml) $15.99 On request
Amplify Organic Kombucha Original $4.00 No
Batchwell Braeburn Organic Kombucha (375ml) $5.99 NoA
Daily Organics Original (200ml) $4.49 On website
Evolve Kombucha Hibiscus Ginger (300ml) $5.90 No
Good Buzz Raspberry and Lemon (330ml) $3.99 On pack
Kombucha King Ginger (375ml) $4.99 No
Kombucha Wonder Drink Traditional (414ml) $6.79 Pasteurised
Lo Bros Organic Raspberry and Lemon (330ml) $3.99 No
Nutrition By Nature Kombucha Brewing Kit $27.99 On requestA
Organic Mechanic Classic Ginger (300ml) $5.29 On request
Remedy Organic Apple Crisp (330ml) $4.99 On request
Renes Kombucha Starter Kit $23.99 On request
Renes Kombucha Red Berry (330ml) $6.50 On request
Sauerkraut and kimchi
Be Nourished Kimchi With A Fiery Kick (380g) $13.99 NoA
Be Nourished Raw Sauerkraut Just Wild Juice (500ml) $16.99 On packA
Be Nourished Raw Sauerkraut Ruby Perfection (380g) $13.99 On packA
Living Goodness Naked Sauerkraut (500g) $12.99 On request
Living Goodness Sum Yum Kimchi (500g) $12.99 On request
Living Goodness Super Super Kraut (500g) $12.99 On request
The Urban Monk Radiant Sauerkraut (400g) $14.99 On pack
The Urban Monk Sanctified Sauerkraut With Caraway Seeds (400g) $14.99 On pack
Zeli East Meets West (250g) $10.50 No

GUIDE TO THE TABLE PRICES from supermarket and gourmet food store survey in March and April 2018. MICROBES NAMED shows if the microbial species, genus or type of bacteria or yeast is available to customers. A indicates the company plans to test for species or type of microbe.

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