Row of fire extinguishers
Research report
8 May 2018

Fire extinguishers

There are 6 types of fire and many types of fire extinguisher. Unfortunately, there isn’t one fire extinguisher that works on all fires. So which should you keep handy at home?

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Laraine B.
12 May 2018
If the fire is in your oven

just switch off the oven and leave it to burn out. In my early married life I was used to an English Jackson oven (with elements in the side) so I used to heat my Yorkshire pudding pans while the oven was heating up. Without even thinking about the difference, I did the same when we bought our first house and it had a New Zealand Atlas oven, which had elements in the top and bottom (no fan, of course). When I realised the dripping had caught fire, I switched the stove off at the wall (for extra safety). I guess we either had a late dinner or no Yorkshire pudding with our beef.