December 2021

Dyson V15 Detect Total Clean review

We trialled the Dyson V15 and its new features to find out if it’s worth ditching your old stick vac for.

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Geoffrey P.
13 Jan 2022
Dyson V15 Detect

Excellent vacuum but I had to order additional batteries to vacuum my whole townhouse properly on one day. Having to keep your finger on the trigger is rather annoying and my hand does get quite sore after a while. There should be an option to leave the power on if preferred.

Bill D.
11 Jan 2022
Dyson V11

Had two problems just out of warranty. No issues and fixed as if still under warranty 👍

M J C.
28 Dec 2021
Spare parts

I wouldn't be put off by the after market parts on the site. Can't speak for other models, but for my V7 the non branded parts are just as good if not better than the original.
In fact I found the extension better as the end connections fitted more tightly, as compared with the original which is a bit floppy.

Michael S.
26 Dec 2021
Pricey but it works

We have owned our V15 for about 6 months now. I agree that it is expensive but it is a very effective vacuum cleaner. When we first got it we had to empty the bin many times as the cleaner was picking up so much more than our previous (Miele) vacuum cleaner.

We are pleased with our purchase.

Peter B.
25 Dec 2021
Laser feature

I expected this to be basically a gimmick, however, have found it outstanding! It doesn't work that well in bright light, so dim or turn off the lights and you could be very surprised. Suddenly you find there are places you habitually missed are accumulating dust you didn't realise. I suggest you try it again in low light. This to me was the stand out feature, though the anti tangle and no cord are also great. Easily the best vacuum I have ever had and I have a Dyson animal before

Sue J.
22 Dec 2021
Best vacuum ever!

I just love my Dyson V15! No lugging about of a heavy machine like the old style vac and falling over the cord, and it cleans really well. I'm no housekeeper but I find myself waxing lyrical about this cleaner.I can even say I enjoy using it!