Woman holding Oppo Find X3 Lite, taking selfie outdoors.
Research report
June 2021

First Look: Oppo Find X3 phones

Oppo’s new premium smartphone is fantastic, but its mid-range sibling offers much better value.

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Wal Marshall
21 Jun 2021
No induction charging

Unfortunately the lack of wireless charging is a crucial deal breaker for me.

Colleen K.
21 Jun 2021
I'm a definite convert to Oppo

I swapped my premium Samsung Galaxy for the Oppo X3 LIte. I didn't want to pay premium prices any more for features I am unlikely to use. It took a lot of talking by the salesperson to convince me that I was getting a good deal. It took me a while to get used to the settings and layout but that may be Android, not Oppo. The battery lasts a couple of days, and I love the fast charger. I haven't timed it but I'm sure it's mostly charged in about 15 minutes, certainly don't have to wait long if I've forgotten to charge it. Samsung Galaxy has been my phone of choice for years but I couldn't be happier with the Oppo.

One negative, I've just remembered. There's very little choice of covers for the Lite in New Zealand, just one, but I did manage to buy a few on line from China. In the end, I went back to the plain black wallet style that I bought here.

Previous member
21 Jun 2021

very good

John C.
19 Jun 2021
Cloud Storage

"The 128GB of storage can’t be expanded, which would force me on to a cloud storage service after a year or so of use."

I assume this indicates that you keep all the photos you take with the camera on the camera.

This is a dumb idea. Almost in the same league as storing all your contacts on your SIM, rather than in Gmail.

It's very easy to sync to a cloud service (Google or Dropbox, for example) over WiFi or data network, so that if you accidentally lose or destroy your phone, you don't lose all those irreplaceable memories.

Valerie B.
19 Jun 2021
Connecting to your old stereo

Just commenting on your despair about not being able to connect to your 15 year old stereo. I highly recommend the iFi ZEN Blue DAC for this. I have one connected to my 40 year old stereo, and it allows me to stream HD audio over Bluetooth with excellent results. It supports LDAC from my Samsung phone, and AAC from my iPhone, both of which equate to CD quality when streaming from a master audio provider like Tidal. Give one a go!